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Potato Wedges

NYS Styrofoam Ban

effective January 1, 2022, no covered food service provider or store (retail or wholesale) will be allowed to sell, offer for sale, or distribute disposable food service containers that contain expanded polystyrene foam in New York.

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Disposable Mask

COVID-19 Waste Report

COVID-19 has resulted in over 8 million tons of mismanaged plastic waste around the world as of August, researchers reported.

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Skip the Stuff Campaign

Join Upstream Solutions in their campaign to #SkiptheStuff

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Garbage Truck


Zero Waste Warren County is working to bring Warren County into the 21st Century as a Zero Waste community. This is not only a good idea -- it is also possible and necessary and ultimately we will succeed!


Even if you have never heard of the term Zero Waste, you are undoubtedly familiar with some of its elements – Refuse, Reduce, Repair, Reuse, Recycle, and Compost. The quantity of municipal solid waste from our homes, businesses, schools and institutions going to landfills or incinerators can be greatly reduced in these ways – through public policies that require and incentivize the desired behaviors, and local programs and social entrepreneurs that provide the necessary infrastructure and opportunities to make these behaviors easy and convenient.


Zero Waste saves money, creates jobs, and is an essential part of the solution to the climate crisis because excess packaging, single-use items, and other throw-away customs, including landfilling and incineration, squander finite resources and produce greenhouse gases.

Did you know?

Plastic production and waste is quickly becoming the leader in emitting greenhouse gases and air pollution.


A zero waste approach is the only way we can achieve climate goals by 2030.



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