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Learn about the projects that the members of Zero Waste Warren County are working on to implement the zero waste initiative

Garbage Dump Recycling Service

Feasibility study for improving access to good recycling markets

Warren County has 12 town transfer stations. Presently,  towns have to pay to dispose of recyclables collected at transfer stations, despite good markets paying for source separated plastics, paper, corrugated cardboard, etc. This is due to the lack of infrastructure required to meet market requirements. Recyclables generally must be baled and aggregated in sufficient quantity to have value for end markets.


We will study the feasibility of Warren County developing the required infrastructure to access good recycling markets, including balers and one or multiple facilities for aggregating recyclables as well as a means of transporting them. The study will look at several different approaches for achieving the required infrastructure and make projections of the costs and revenues associated with the various scenarios. The study will also determine the actual costs and revenues associated with the status quo and project these economics into the future.

Transfer Station Revitalization Project

This project of the Zero Waste Warren County Committee, initiated in the fall of 2021, produced a report that highlights best practices at transfer stations in Warren County.  It also brings zero waste concepts and best practices to the attention of municipal supervisors, elected officials, transfer station managers, and town citizens.  It promotes standardizing solid waste collection systems across our municipal transfer stations in response to new markets and zero waste practices.

Read our April 2022 report: Revitalizing Our Transfer Stations Best Practices and Recommendations Prepared by Zero Waste Warren County, NY

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Hard to Recycle Guide

Zero Waste Warren County is developing a resource guide for residents and businesses based on a guide produced by Sustainable Saratoga. We are seeking volunteers to help identify outlets for hard-to-recycle items and materials in Warren County.

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Disposable Food Package

Eliminating Single-Use Disposables from Restaurants

What will it take to move Warren County eateries and take-out places to embrace reusables? To find out where these businesses are at present, we will conduct a survey later this winter. To find out what others in the movement are making happen, we are learning about laws and other policies that ban or phase out single-use disposables, especially plastics, in food service and programs that replace disposable tableware, cups, etc. wth reusables. We also plan to partner with Zero Waste Ithaca to present a webinar on this topic in January 2022. View our most recent webinar >

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Stop Hughes Energy

In partnership with Clean Air Action Network, Zero Waste Warren County is working to stop the permitting and construction of Hughes Energy as a local polluter that will burn waste instead of implementing more sustainable management and a zero waste approach.

Click here to watch our discussion with Hughes Energy.

Find more Hughes Energy resources here.


The U.S. produces a huge quantity of waste from demolishing buildings that have outlived their usefulness. Worse yet is the destruction of valuable resources. Deconstruction is a more environmentally sound alternative. Skilled workers disassemble buildings and salvage lumber, etc for reuse and recycling.  Zero Waste Warren County will partner with the Troy Recycling Coordinator to present a webinar or summit on Deconstruction Policy and Practice in Fall 2022.

Home Demolition

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