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Access to Recycling Markets

Warren County has 12 town transfer stations. Presently, towns pay to dispose of recyclables collected at transfer stations, despite good markets paying for source separated plastics, paper, corrugated cardboard, etc. This is due to the lack of infrastructure required to meet market requirements. Recyclables generally must be baled and aggregated in sufficient quantity to have value for end markets.


We are studying the feasibility of Warren County developing the required infrastructure to access good recycling markets, including balers and one or multiple facilities for aggregating recyclables as well as a means of transporting them. The study will look at several different approaches for achieving the required infrastructure and make projections of the costs and revenues associated with the various scenarios. The study will also determine the actual costs and revenues associated with the status quo and project these economics into the future.

Locations - Warren County Transfer Stations
Transfer Station Map.jpg
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