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Zero Waste in Local News

Springtime at the Johnsburg Transfer Station
Click here for hours of operation and location

Pete’s Repeat in Johnsburg has been very busy.  It has been a community gathering spot with over 30 volunteers that staff the shed everyday that the transfer station is open. Much appreciated by second home owners and young families starting their independent life.

Carrie Woerner Introduces Bottle Redemption Bill in NYS Assembly

Glens Falls Post Star March 7, 2024

The New York State Bottle Bill is over 40 years old and efforts to overhaul it in recent years has ended in a dead end.  Assemblymember Woerner's bill may help to keep redemption centers in business until reform can be legislated. To understand more check this link... Bottle Bill

Peter Horvath, a Zero waste member in the town of Johnsburg, Warren County,  was featured in this North Country Public Radio segment. (To Listen click here)

Beginning in July 2023, Zero Waste Warren County, ZWWC, started collecting food scraps from area residents at the Glens Falls Farmers Market. Our goal is to have a weekly presence at the farmers market through the end of October 2023. Several produce vendors at the Glens Falls Farmers Market have agreed to take the buckets of food scraps we collect back to their farms to be composted.
We accept food scraps and food waste with several exceptions:
  • No meat, fish, bones, or dairy.
  • No liquids, oil or cooking grease.
  • Food scraps and food waste must be free of
    • paper
    • plastic
    • cardboard
    • metal
    • glass
    • twist ties, rubber bands, and stickers.
Bring your food scraps for composting in a lidded container and take the container home with you.  A Zero Waste volunteer will inspect the food scraps for contaminants before accepting it.
Food waste and yard waste make up more than 25% of our garbage. In landfills these organic wastes generate methane, which is very potent greenhouse gas. When food waste and yard waste are composted, they create a healthy nutrient rich soil. 
If you are interested in helping with this effort, you can sign up to take a 2 hour slot at the GF Farmers Market once a month. The GF farmers market is on Saturdays and slots are 8-10 A.M. and 10 A.M until Noon.  We also need help setting up the canopy and taking it down. While at the food scraps collection table, volunteers will inspect food waste brought by farmers market customers. This will involved dumping their food scraps in a clean bucket and making sure there is no plastic, metal, glass, paper, twist ties, etc. If there is, they will be asked to take it home. There will always be 2 volunteers at a time.

The Future of Composting in Warren County in The Lake George Mirror  May 19, 2023

Screenshot 2023-05-20CompoastinLGM.jpg

The New York State  Bottle Bill at 40 - Is it time to update the Law?

Ahead of the 40th anniversary of the Bottle Bill, at a time when society is drowning in discarded plastic waste and local recycling programs are in crisis on several fronts, it’s time to update and expand the state’s highly successful container deposit redemption program. In a business-as-usual scenario, the ocean is expected to contain one ton of plastic for every three tons of fish by 2025, and by 2050, more plastics (by weight) than fish. 
Clearly, reducing the amount of plastic waste -- and waste in general -- is a critical way to avoid “doomsday” environmental scenarios
continue reading here.

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