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Afternoon Light

Thank you to the Touba Family Foundation
of Glens Falls

The Touba Family Foundation awarded Zero Waste Warren County a grant to promote its mission and educate local residents about ways to reduce waste.

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Touba Family Foundation Public Education

This committee has been meeting since January 2023 to work on fulfilling the conditions of the
generous grant from the Touba Family Foundation, received last winter. This grant is for a
program of public education on the goals and achievements of ZWWC.
Different avenues of public education are referenced in this grant. The major part of the grant is
to enable ZWWC to create, produce, and utilize a table display and use it at venues around the
County. The aim of the table display is to educate the public about the goals of Zero Waste and
how to work towards them, in small and large ways. There is something for everyone in these
goals. The first thing people will see at the display is the colorful ZW hierarchy pyramid. There
will be demonstrations or descriptions of practical ways people can push ZW forward, in their
homes, businesses, and communities. Additionally, at large public events such as the LARAC
Summer Art Show, ZWWC members will engage with the directors of the events to work
towards ZW at each event.
A second avenue ZWWC will pursue is a classroom presentation for primary schools, to be
presented around the County in several schools.
A third avenue is a film series to be shown in County libraries.
The grant is for the calendar year 2023, so at the end of the year members will have an
opportunity to look back and see what avenues worked best so we can build upon those to
provide further outreach and public education in 2024.


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