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Thank you to the Touba Family Foundation
of Glens Falls, Summer 2023

The Touba Family Foundation awarded Zero Waste Warren County (ZWWC) a grant to promote its mission and educate local residents about ways to reduce waste.  Here's an August 2023 update about how ZWWC has used this grant to created several components.

First, ZWWC created an outreach booth with attractive displays so we

could have a presence at area festivals, fairs, and farmers markets. Our

members and other volunteers have tabled at numerous events and

interacted with hundreds of local residents. We answer questions and talk

about local initiatives like the County’s new Organic Management Plan for

food waste composting. We also have a children’s Zero Waste activity,

which many kids have enjoyed. Many community members have signed

up at these outreach events to receive our Zero Waste newsletter.

Second, in fall 2023, we will sponsor a documentary film series with a

Zero Waste theme at local libraries in Warren County. . Film screenings will

be followed by a community discussion and. ZWWCI members will serve

as resource people at these showings

Third, we are planning to make classroom visits to stimulate the interest of

children and young people in reuse, recycling and composting and provide

pathways of action. We are currently reaching out to several schools in

Warren County. We are eager to hear from teachers and other educators who might be interested in helping to facilitating e our Zero Waste work in the schools and other settings with children and young people. In addition, if you have experience teaching kids about recycling, composting, waste prevention or related topics, please be in touch. Contact us at and we can communicate further by


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Touba Family Foundation - Community Education Grant, Spring 2023

In 2023 Zero Waste Warren County is initiating its first Community
Education and Outreach Project. We are delighted to be able to get this
new project off the ground with support from a one-year grant awarded
by the Glens Falls-based Touba Family Foundation in December 2022.
Through this project, ZWWC will become more visible in Warren
County communities. We are currently creating displays, interactive
materials, and hand outs for tabling at area farmers markets, festivals,
and other popular seasonal events, such as the Shirt Factory Food Truck
Corral in Glens Falls. Simultaneously, we are applying to such venues
and developing our Spring and Summer schedule.
We have conceived of this project in order to increase public awareness
and understanding of the goals and strategies of Zero Waste.
Specifically, we aim to build support for waste reduction, reuse,
recycling, and composting in Warren County. We will offer practical
ways that people can move toward Zero Waste at home, at work, in
school, and elsewhere in their communities and promote opportunities
for getting involved. We intend to get beyond simple slogans to engage
with interested community members about questions like, why there is
so much plastic, and, what solutions can get at the root causes of this and
other challenging problems.
Through our presence at various venues, we also expect to expand the
ZWWC mailing list and recruit new members for our Zero Waste
citizens’ group, which has been going strong for three and a half years.
Another audience for our outreach project are children and youth. We
will introduce young children to Zero Waste concepts through hands-on
activities — both at our community outreach booth (starting in late
Spring 2023) and through classroom visits (during Fall 2023). We are
eager to engage with and empower teenagers and other young people to
take meaningful action about waste issues.


To learn more shoot an email to

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